1930s Darjeeling Tea Planters Cricket Team

1930s Darjeeling Tea Planters Cricket Team

Brown - Celia (Sydney Emmett)

Cricket photo details :

Brown Celia (nee Emmett)’, under the photo of the Darjeeling Tea Planters Cricket Team 1930s :

My father, Sydney James Emmett (known as Syd Emmett), is seated behind, in the back row, wearing a cricketing sweater with a neck border, and his brothers Bill (Charles William, the eldest of the three Emmett brothers) and Arthur (the youngest of the three brothers) are seated in front of him.

In the front row, holding a black hat in his left hand : John Caldwell.

Next to John Caldwell : John Warwick (in black jacket and white pant, in the middle of the front row) Hugh Dominy is seated at the far right in the front row, next to the man with the blazer.

The man with a moustache, left side of the front row, must be Captain V.G. Stokes, of the Military Team.

This photo was taken in the early 1930s, on the stairs of the pavilion of the UD (Upper Division) Playground of St-Joseph’s College (School), North Point, Darjeeling, on the occasion of a match between the Darjeeling Tea Planters Cricket Team and the Military Team.



My Father Syd Emmett was Manager of Glenburn from 1939 to 1968 - a long time - and therefore I always thought of Glenburn as being home!

I have been back most years since my husband, Dr William Brown, died in 2005,and have seen the bungalow, and a new block built about five years ago, grow into an international boutique hotel known world wide.

I don't feel Glenburn has lost its charm in its new life, and am always welcomed back warmly.