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November 16, 2016


From Peter Byrne FRGS


Would like very much like to try get in touch with any tea planters from the Dooars, 1947 onwards.


 Peter Byrne.  FRGS.



August 2 2016

Does anyone have any photographs of Hindregan T E and Tinsukia T E if so can you please forward to who would like to post them on the web site. 

March 9 2014

Here are some photos sent in by Rod Pimm, --Leesh River, Putharjhora, Kumargram, Jiti and Hope 

The photos were all taken between 1962 and 1968


Alison Allan (VA's wife) and  ? Rod thinks it is at the Nagrakata Club

May Duncan, wife of Harry, Huntapara T E possibly
also at Nagrakata Flower Show

Dick Simpson and Dolly's wedding

Cecil Duncan  Hope T E

Elma Lowden at Nagrakata Flower Show


John Grimmer Manager Newlands, Eastern Dooars 

9 Rod  Pimm Kalimpong 1966 or so

Rod Pimm, Lt. Hande ( Indian Army), Terry Kemble.
Rod and Terry both Leesh T E  Lt Hande from Indian Army forward regiment
(one of several) encamped at Leesh Patibari maidan



                   11  Rod Brown, Manager Aibheel  and Gill Pimm
             Hasimara club--cricket match versus Assam

          12   Bill Grice's daughter
    Bill was our Scientific Advisory Officer

13  Jake again --  Standing

Jake coming home on first leaave


          14  Sandy and Jean Elliott at somebody's baby's christening in Darjeeling 

          15    Rod Pimm  down by the Leesh


 December 1 2013

BBC Programmes worth seeing

Alan Lane kindly alerted us to the films about Wild Burma

“The BBC has a new series, of three episodes, running each Friday at 9pm that is called Wild Burma. The first of these programmes that was aired on Friday 29th November was located in the area of North West Burma in the Arakan Yomas hill tracts, where the team was searching for wild elephants in the jungles that run from Bangladesh and Lushai/Mizo Hills. As one might expect, the scenery was very similar
to the jungles and paddy fields of Assam and certainly brought memories flooding back for us ‘koi-hais’. It was a very enjoyable programme, and quite exciting when the BBC team of naturalists were walking up to the wild herds along elephant tracks through the thick bamboo growth.


The following two episodes will be on BBC 2 at 9pm on the 6th and 13th December.

For those of you who perhaps missed the first programme, it is available on BBC 2  iPlayer for the next five days – highly recommended viewing.”