Willie Wood - Getting my Malaya Medal, for serving there during the Communist Emergency in the 50s Taken at the 447 Wing.

Wood - Willie (father Earnest Wood)

I joined the Royal Air Force in England in 1953. I finished my service with the RAF in Singapore, stationed at RAF Seletar during the communist conflict in then Malaya. 
My father's name was Earnest Montgomery Wood, died in 1952 and buried in Golaghat, Assam.
Granddad's name was James Montgomery and he and Grandma were buried in Dibrugarh. Great-granddad was buried in Calcutta, if my old memory serves me correctly. As you can see, my ancestors were pioneers of the tea industry in Assam.
I now live in East Mountain Hamilton and lost my wife to lung cancer in 2011. 
Just got back from the 447 Wing at Mount Hope airport in Hamilton Canada , after a few Guinness with my RAF colleagues, exchanging war stories. 
My youngest brother Alan  lives in Shillong and still have a tea-garden connection, where his daughter's in-laws have a tea-garden in Oyan, near Pasighat, Arunachal. I have been there several times and you may have read about the Siang T.E. winning a few accolades for their excellent tea they produce. Their factory is now fully automated, with about 5 persons to run it.