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Year of birth 1925.

Presently residing (and for ten years to date) in Pacific City, Oregon, on Oregon coast, 100 miles west of Portland;
Mailing address, P.O Box 802, Pacific City, OR 97135, USA

Looking for old friends

Burra sahibs, managers, with me when I was there:
Jack (and Mary) Grant, Bhogotpore.
Alex (and Peggy) Heywood, Bhogotpore.
Alex Crowley, Bhogotpore, when Grant retired.
Benjy (and Zoe) Llewelyn, Grassmore and later Tondoo.
Jack (and Pamela) Boyland, Nagrakata T.E.
Bill (and Nora) Hudson, Ghatia T.E.
William (?) Sunshine Greenwood, Bamandanga T.E.
Turner, (?) Tondoo T.E.
Keith (and Cynthia) Turner, Kurti T.E.
Grafton Tully, Grassmore T.E.


Chota sahibs... with me in the late forties, fifties.
Eddie Hobart.
George Elrick.
Stanley Melling.
Mike Whitford.
Eric Stevens.
Dennis Elsden.
Laurie Ginger.
Dick Spark.
Alan Muddle.
Linton Davis. (Engineer.)
Wally Clapperton.
Mike Whitford.


There are probably some others but this is all I can
Other chota sahibs in the Dooars at that time, not
DTC but personal friends of PB ... Donald McKenzie,
Symon Biddulph and Tom Tyson.
In Calcutta, at Gillanders, Arnold Whittaker and (?)


Background :

Our (my brother and I) tea group consisted  of three companies that shared one office in Eastcheap,  in London  ... the Dooars Tea Company, the Singlo and the Empire. 

Bryan was with the Singlo in Assam, joining  them about two years  before I left tea, which was in 1953.

I chose the Dooars Tea Company. 

I was with the Dooars Tea Company from mid 1947 to  April 1st,  1953, joining them in London, straight out of the RAF (four years, Air Sea Rescue, South East Asia, Indian Ocean islands)  in 1947. 

I worked on three tea estates for my term in the Dooars in Tea  ... Bhogotpore Tea Estate, Ghatia Tea Estate, and Tondoo Tea Estate, the  latter completely  destroyed (and then abandoned)  by flooding  -  the  Jaldaka River, out of Bhutan  - in 1954., a year after I left.

Leaving the Dooars, in April '53.,  I hiked into Nepal and opened up and ran a big game hunting company there for twenty years and then spent another four decades there in other occupations (much of which I think is described in my website) to 2012.,  when I had a last project in the far west Terai, to terminate ten years of wildlife  conservation.

Peter Byrne


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Updated through May, 2020.

Standard shipping per book within the US is $3.75. Canada, $15.00. International, $25.00.  All books are signed by the author and also can be inscribed at the personal desire and request of the buyer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

(1) THE SEARCH FOR BIGFOOT, 1975, hardback, non-fiction, published by Acropolis Books, Washington, DC.  An account of the author’s research and findings in regard to the Bigfoot or Sasquatch mystery of the Pacific Northwest, from 1960 to 1975. The history of the phenomenon, eyewitness reports and a discussion of the many plausible theories which surround this extraordinary phenomenon. Illustrated with many photographs, maps. With a Foreword by Robert Rines, President, the Academy of Applied Science, Boston, MA. Out of print, now very rare.  $250.00.

(2)THE SEARCH FOR BIGFOOT, 1975, paperback, by Simon & Schuster, NY, 1975.  Inquire about availability. Now rare, Cost, $25.00.

(3) TULA HATTI, THE LAST GREAT ELEPHANT, 1990, (Book One.) Hardback, non-fiction, Faber & Faber, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA.  Thestory, set in the jungles of far southwest Nepal, of a search for and documentation of the largest elephant in Asia, discovered by the author in 1980. Maps, many photographs and an introduction by the esteemed actor, Jimmy Stewart. In prime condition, $75.00.  In good condition, $45.00.

(4) TULA HATTI, THE LAST GREAT ELEPHANT, 1991. (Book Two.) Paperback, by Faber & Faber, now rare.  $35.00.

(5) TULA HATTI, THE LAST GREAT ELEPHANT. (Book Three.) Pilgrims          Publishing, Katmandu, Nepal, the same book but with an Epilogue describing in detail the tragic death of this great monarch of the Asian forests.  $45.00.            

(6)  THE LAST GREAT ELEPHANT. 2017. (Book Four.)  Semi hard back. A new edition of the same story (with very few changes) but with a completely different set of photographs, some of them of wild elephant.  Published by AMAZON.  New. Prime conditions. $27.50                                                                                                                                          

(7) THE GREEN EYE, 1995, semi-hardback, fiction, published by Pilgrims Publishing, Katmandu,   Nepal. A wild and rollicking adventure story of jewel smuggling set in India and Nepal and based on the epic poem, THE GREEN EYE OF THE LITTLE YELLOW GOD. Unusuallyillustrated with model photographs of the characters in the book.  $27.50

(8) THE GREEN EYE. A new edition. Semi hardback. Identical story as the first (illustrated) version but without the artwork and photographs. Published by AMAZON, USA. 2017. $25.00.

(9) RAIN FALLING AT CASCADE LOCKS, 2000, hardback, fiction, by T.H.W.P.Publication, Los Angeles, CA. Based upon a true life story and reminiscent of the fine work, THE        BRIDGES OF MADISON  COUNTY, though a different story. A poignant tale, set in Oregon, of an impossible love affair between a young woman and an older man. Republished in 2017, in prime condition, $27.50.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

(10) GONE ARE THE DAYS, 2001, hardback, non-fiction, a      beautiful, collector’s limited  edition, slip cover, embossed front, by Safari Press, Huntington Beach, CA.  Autobiographical, the story of the author’s twenty years as a professional hunter running trophy safaris in India and Nepal from the days of the British Raj onwards. Many photographs, maps, art work, old letters, historical documents and with an introduction by the renowned actor, Charlton Heston. Prime condition, $250.00.                                                                                                                  

(11) GENTEMAN HUNTER, 2007, Safari Press, CA.  An extraordinary and detailed account of the history of man-eating tigers and leopards in India and Nepal, from 1900 onwards, killer big cats which took and devoured over 1000 people … and the author’s two years of research into the phenomenon. Includes detailed accounts of the great hunts of India’s legendary domiciled Irishman, Jim Corbett. A collector’s edition, slip cover, embossed front. Many photographs, maps, historical documents and with an introduction by the famous New York based trophy hunter collector, James Ross Mellon.  Prime condition, $250.00.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

(12) HUNTING IN THE MOUNTAINS AND JUNGLES OF NEPAL. 2012.       The third book of the author’s big game hunting trilogy, by Safari Press, California, 2012. Hardback, non-fiction, embossed slip cover, collector’s edition. His final collection of big game hunting stories, with drama, fear, courage, cowardice and humor. Many photographs, some dating back to the author’s first hunting days in 1947, in North Bengal. With an Introduction by legendary White Hunter, Tony Archer. Prime condition, $250.00.                                                                                                                                                                                  

(13) SHIKARI SAHIB, hardback, Pilgrims Press, Katmandu, Nepal, 2000. The Asian edition of the author’s book, GENTLEMAN HUNTER… on man-eaters, out of print but possibly available… $100.00.                                                                                                                                                                                      

(14)  A FIELD GUIDE TO THE WHITE GRASS PLAINS, Nepal, 2010.  Paperback, non-fiction. A field guide to the White Grass Plains Wildlife Reserve (WGP) in south west Nepal, where the author hunted in the ‘50s and ‘60s and where, for the last twenty-five years, he has conducted wildlife conservation programs. Including a description of the author’s safari lodge - The WGP Safari Lodge & Research Center - and all the mammals, birds, fishes and reptiles of the 200,000 acre reserve. With maps, charts and many photographs.  Now available. Publisher Pilgrims Press, Catmandoo, Nepal. Prime condition.  B&W. $27.50

(15)  A FIELD GUIDE TO BARDIA NATIONAL PARK, Nepal, 2014, Amazon Publishing, paperback.    Similar to the author’s field guide to the White Grass Plains (as above) a complete guide to Nepal’s far west, beautiful national park. Now available.  New, prime condition, in color, $45.00.

(16) THE HUNT FOR BIGFOOT, 2016. A new look at the Bigfoot or Sasquatch mystery of the Pacific Northwest, based on the author’s many years of research into the enigma. The work encompasses the author’s 1975 publication, THE SEARCH FOR BIGFOOT.  New, in    prime condition. Black and white, $27.50                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

(17) THE HUNT FOR THE YETI.  2017. An account of the authors three years in the    Himalaya in search of the Abominable Snowman, 1957, ’58 and ’59. The people, the places, the Sherpa, the legends, the rough life of high Himalayan living (in frozen tents, native houses, caves) Amazon Publishing, new prime condition, $27.50

(18) MANEATER!  A history of man-eating tigers and leopards in        Asia from the turn of the century. Incorporating the original SHIKARI SAHIB, (2002,) the new work contains 675 pages and over 100 photographs and is an up-to-date look at the deadly world of man-eaters and the terror they imposed on thousands of native villagers in both India and Nepal… with a total, from about the year 1900, to the present day, of over a thousand victims killed and eaten and many more severely injured. Published by Amazon, semi hard-back. New and in prime condition, $27.50. 

(19) THE MONSTER TRILOGY. 2013.  A Guidebook to the Loch Ness monsters, the Yeti and Bigfoot. How to find them. Where to go. How to get there. What kind of equipment to take. What it’s going to cost you. Hazards. Weather. Altitudes. Emergency tactics. Electronic accessories.  Dangerous animals.  New, prime condition. Semi-hardback. Publishers, Hancock House, US & Canada, $27.50.                          

(20)  A FORTUNATE LIFE. Peter Byrne’s autobiography.  About 825 pages with many photographs, approximately 130,000 words. A collection of stories from the life of  the author … adventure, big game hunting,  love affairs, deep jungle and high mountain  safaris and expeditions, tea planting in British colonial India. RAF WWII wartime Air Sea Rescue service in South East Asia combat zones and involvement in grim and dangerous rescues from the shark infested waters of the Indian Ocean.   White water river running and river exploration … with eleven First Descents, in the Himalaya, China and Africa. Discoveries … Asia’s largest elephant. Discovery of a new route to Everest for mountaineers.  Himalayan Yeti hunting. Pacific Northwest Bigfoot hunting. Himalayan high-altitude trekking guiding. Wildlife conservation work in Nepal (ten successful Water For Wildlife projects in SW Nepal jungles) ten winters, to 2012) and life  …  sweet and enjoyable, as it should be experienced and well may be by those who seek to delight in it … via the author’s motto, Carpe Diem. One year in the writing; ninety-five years in the making! Publication in B&W, May 2018, $27.50 

To obtain any of the above books, or for magazine articles written by Peter Byrne, or rare copies of the Bigfoot projects newsletter, THE BIGFOOT NEWS, photographs of many subjects, contact Peter Byrne, cell, 310. 729. 7781. Or  Send payments, (check or Money Order) for books and shipping to P.O. Box 802, Pacific City, Oregon, 97135.