David Air (founder of Koi-Hai) passed away 22nd Dec 2022


Our launch of the  Tea History Collection at Banbury has been a huge success - please do book in for a visit

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31st January 2024- read a wonderful diary from Rory Hope who visited Edward Lewis - Head of Drilling at Assam Oil Company in Digboi - click here

19th Sept 2023 - Very sadly Derek Perry has passed away.  He was a huge supporter of Koi-Hai. We will really miss him. Condolences to Bev and the family. Derek mentioned here

18th April 2023
- sad to report Dr Fazlur Rahman has passed away - click here for details

15th April 2023 - sad news that Douglas Tocher passed away on 18th Feb 2023 - click here for details 

20th January 2023 - sad news that Kim Kincaid has passed away.  Kim and David used to run the Koi-Hai lunches in Stratford-upon-Avon. We miss them both. Contact the editor for details of the memorial.

27th Dec 2022 - We are very sad to report that David Air - founder of Koi-Hai passed away peacefully on 22nd Decemdber 2022. Our best wishes go to Cynthia and his family.  We will miss him greatly. 

28th May 2022 - The Koi Hai Lunch at Banbury was a huge success - photos are on Facebook or click here

21st April 2022 - Thanks to Derek Perry for this - The Curious Case of Colonial Breakfast Curries - click here

6th February 2022 - Welcome to a new year! Things have been busy at the Tea History Collection. Today we made videos of Mike Bunston OBE and his memories of the tea industry. I will share a link once on YouTube. I have shared a video here which shows live in Ooty in 1973. Planters were quite lonely on estates and visits to the UK were seen as expensive trips. Their life in India was much easier on a tea estate. 

15th Dec 2021- Dilsher Sen reported the passing of Subir Ray - click here

3rd October 2021 - Jill Pearson contacted us from Australia to say that her husband Vic has passed away - click here

12th August 2021 - Sophie Lindsay - daughter of Stan and Pat Allen sent us an obituary for her mother Pat - click here

31st May 2021 - new book Putting The Tea In Britain - click here

30th May 2021 - article on The Tea History Collection - click here

21st MAY 2021 - The Tea History Collection in Banbury will be opened by Tea Ambassador Mike Bunston OBE - for details click here

10th May 2021 - UKTIA news - click here

27th April 2021 - Clive Withers (Laidlaw & Fraser 1977) has passed away. A former Dr Graham's boy. He was the son of tea planter Laurence G. Withers. 

27th April 2021 - Nikhil Kapur (Photographer) has produced a great book called Burra Bungalows of North Bengal - click here

27th March 2021 - Great article by Brigid Keenan in The Spectator - The lifelong affects of being a child in the British Raj  - click here

16th March 2021 - Celia Brown daughter of Sydney Emmett at Glenburn Tea Estate  - click here

16th March 2021 - Darjeeling Club 100th Anniv brochure - click here

13th February 2021 - The guide to the traditional English Tea Set - click here

13th February 2021 - new page added for Sirocco Works Belfast - tea dryer manufacturer - click here

13th February 2021 - new photos added to Larry Brown page - click here

10th February 2021 - Tea Planter David Horn has been in touch - more details click here

9th February 2021 - Peter Byrne (now aged 95) is looking for any old friends - click here for details

4th February 2021 - great story of tea planter Ginger Craig - click here

4th February 2021 - great story from tea planter Duncan Allen now aged 94 - click here

1st January 2021 - Thank you to Larry Brown for writing a wonderful Obituary for Bob Powell-Jones who passed away recently in Shillong.  Our thoughts are with his family. Please click here to read it.







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