Frank Laws - tea planter - Rungagora Tea Estate

Frank Laws - tea planter - wedding reception - Calcutta

Frank Laws wedding reception - Calcutta

Laws (Howlett) - Camilla

LAWS Camilla      Born  October 1954 at Jorhat, Assam

My Father:

LAWS  Frank   Jorehaut Tea Company 1949 - 1958 ( Married to Maryvonne Laws)

Nicholas was born on the Cinnamara Tea Estate in Assam May 1958 and I was born in Jorhat in October 1954.

My Father had gone out to Assam to work for the Jorehaut Tea Company in 1949 ( Frank Laws)   He married my Mother ( Maryvonne Laws) in Jan 1954 .  We left Assam as a Family at the end of 1958 to return to England where my Father then worked as a Property Manager.

My Father had worked on Estates at Cinnamara, Rungagora and more.