Cockbaine - Sheila (Pat Russell)

Sheila Russell - now Cockbaine

Year of birth 1929

I was married to Pat Russell of the Jorehaut  company,we were at Borsapori T.E  in the 1950s.

My name is now Sheila Cockbaine, but of course, was Sheila Russell then.

My son Giles, and both my daughter's who were born there.

We are all in the u.k now, apart from Giles, who lives in south Africa. Sadly Pat died some years ago.

I rather think our friends from those days are mostly no longer with us, as you can see, I shall shortly be 90 myself!

However, the family and I would love to hear from anybody who might remember us. we were in Dhunseri  district.

We brought our Naga ayah home with us, and she married an Englishman, and had 2 sons. I certainly have many stories, but too many to put in an e-mail!

My e-mail address is available from the Editor