Havens - Judith (Clement Havens - Assam Oil)

Message from Judith Havens - March 2021

My father, Clement Havens, was a clerk in the Assam Oil Company at Digboi.

Below is a download on the history of his life  - click on download at bottom of this page (on PDF)


In Memory of my father Clement Havens 1918-1981 & my mother Iris Havens 1919-1990

From Judith Havens - Born in Digboi 10th February  1951



My father, Clement Havens, was born in Norwich, England in 1918 and served in the British Army in Burma from 1941 till the end of the war.




He married his first wife there and from 1946 to 1949 he worked as a wages clerk in the Burmah Oil Company in Rangoon and became involved in the sporting activities    of the employees there.





              Clement Havens, centre. 


  His Rangoon driving licence gives some tips about using hand signals!