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28th March 2018

Heritage Tea Garden Bungalows of North Bengal: Photo Book
Photographer Nikhil Kapur is seeking help with this project. He writes:
"I write to you in connection with a project I'm working on, that documents the heritage bungalows of tea gardens in North Bengal. I have photographed nearly 140 gardens in Darjeeling, Dooars and Terai with the intention of publishing a book highlighting the architecture, lifestyle and history of these tea estates. 

In this regard, I am looking for your assistance, to gather any relevant information about the gardens that I have covered. 

Would it be possible for you to send me stories, history or trivia from the past, to add to the book we are working on. I'm doing this in collaboration with INTACH Calcutta Chapter and I have been given permission, very graciously, by Mrs. Lekha Mathur, to use excerpts from her book "A Burra Memsahib’s Tea Trolley".

What I've been struggling with most is to find information about the specific gardens, as owners themselves don't seem to have kept records. I have attached a list of gardens photographed by me. If you could provide any information about any of these gardens, it would be most appreciated. Ideally, I'm looking for some stories from people who have lived on these gardens and can share experiences specific to these gardens. 

Of course, any stories we use from your collection, will be given due credit and mention in the book." 

The following tea gardens have been shortlisted for this project. If you would like to contribute to this project please contact Nikhil Kapur directly at 





  1. Bagrakote
  2. Belgachi
  3. Gungaram
  4. Marrionbarrie
  5. New Chumta
  6. Ord Terrai
  7. Taipoo
  8. Tirrihannah






  1. Beech
  2. Bhatkawa
  3. Bhatpara
  4. Central Dooars
  5. Chuapara
  6. Dalsingpara
  7. Hantapara
  8. Jainti
  9. Kartick
  10. Kumargram
  11. Mechpara
  12. Phaskowa
  13. Rydak
  14. Sankos
  15. Satali
  16. Toorsa






  1. Aibheel
  2. Bagracote
  3. Baintgoorie
  4. Banarhat
  5. Baradighi
  6. Bhogotpore
  7. Binaguri
  8. Birpara
  9. Carron
  10. Chalouni
  11. Choonabhatti
  12. Chulsa
  13. Dalgaon
  14. Dalmore
  15. Damdim
  16. Danguajhar
  17. DBITA
  18. Diana
  19. Gairkata
  20. Gandrapara
  21. Ghatia
  22. Good Hope
  23. Grassmore
  24. Hope
  25. Huldibari
  26. Indong
  27. Jiti
  28. Karbala
  29. Killcott
  30. Kumlai
  31. Kurti
  32. Leesh River
  33. Meenglas
  34. Nagarkata
  35. New Dooars
  36. New Glencoe
  37. Nowera Nuddy
  38. Nya Sylee
  39. Oodlabari
  40. Ranicherra
  41. Rungamuttee
  42. Soongachi
  43. Sylee
  44. Tasati
  45. Zurantee






  1. Ambootia
  2. Badamtam
  3. Balasun
  4. Bannockburn
  5. Barnesbeg
  6. Chamong
  7. Chongtong
  8. Dhajea
  9. Dooteriah
  10. Ging
  11. Glenburn
  12. Goomtee
  13. Gyabaree
  14. Kalej Valley
  15. Lingia
  16. Longview
  17. Makaibari
  18. Margret’s Hope
  19. Marybong
  20. Mim
  21. Monteviot
  22. Moondakotea
  23. Nagri
  24. Namring
  25. Phoobsering
  26. Pootabong
  27. Rishihat
  28. Rohini
  29. Runglee Rungliot
  30. Selimbong
  31. Singbulli
  32. Singell
  33. Singtom
  34. Soom
  35. Sungma
  36. Teesta Valley
  37. Tomsong
  38. Tukdah
  39. Sungma (Turzum)





 Can you Help Karen?

Can you help—Please reply to

I was wondering if you would be so kind by putting this on your wonderful site to help me find some info on my great grandfather.

He was called Edwards (possibly Frank Cyril)
And I believe he was at the Balijan tea estate around 1920
I have found that a Frank Cyril Edwards travelled from England in 1919 on the vessel Manora to Bombay.
I have found that a Frank Cyril Edwards married 1925 in Dibrugah to a Muriel Florence Collins.

His daughter my grandmother Susan Edna Edwards was born in Hoogrijan in 1920.
She had vague memories of her early years before being sent to Dr Graham's Homes in about 1925 with her younger sister Elizabeth (Betty)

This is a fascinating jigsaw but I need more bits if anyone can help.