Haslewood - Richard and Alice

Alice and Richard Haslewood born Assam at Chubua mission hospital 1952 and 1954 children of Walter B, and Ruth Haslewood  Hansara Estate 
This book was a great encouragement for Alice and I to visit Assam and discover something of the fabric of our history. Though born in Assam we returned to Yorkshire a I was not well, and Walter Haslewood retired in 1954. 
We stayed with Ann Poyser daughter of Stuart Vernon Poyser. Ann had been contacted  by Michael Palin to talk of her story as mentioned in David Mitchell's book whilst travelling on a train through Assam. She advised us that Michael Palin's guide had been very good and she had used him several times for her visitors. As we wanted to see some of Assam we contacted him, and he arranged our 3 weeks holiday. Brilliant.