2013 Photographs

April 19 2013                                                            

Photos from the

South East Assam Reunion Eastbourne 2013



 Thank you Guy Knight for putting together this excellent photograhic
collection of the Lunch at Eastbourne please click coloured line
below to see



 It is four minutes plus of viewing but well worth it

Below are some photos from attendees who took photos on the day



Here are some of Guy Knights photos with names--thans for sharing

1/ Guy Knight        Neil Dunlop

                                                      2/ Nick Knight

                                                  3/   Nick Knight

4/  DK   DK


                                             5/ Wendy Knight

                   6/   Nicky Kenning  and Wendy Knight


Below are photos kindly supplied by Peter & Merle Bartlett and
Robin & Maxine Humphries--they were not included in Guy Knights
great presentation--so they are shown below for you to enjoy

 Peter Bartlett,   Jennifer Bayley,   Phil Bayley,   and Anita Batten


Anita Batten,       Ian Burns-Thomson,       Peter Bartlett

Robin Humphries, Maxine Humphries, and Pam Farbrother

Pam Farbrother          Merle Bartlett and Peter Bartlett

Maxine Humphries (standing) Barbra Marshall, and Pam Farbrother

                           Jennifer Bayley                                 Phil Bayley

Anita Batten                                  Merle Bartlett                Robin Humphries


            Pam Farbrother           Peter Bartlett           Jennifer Bayley     Phil Bayley

                         Harold (Ian's Carer)   David Kincaid                Ian Leetham

                     Kathy Courtney                                 George Poole

               Mike Courtney                  Tom Poole                                       Jill Robinson

                                  Mike Courtney                                 Tom Poole

              David Kincaid                       Kim KIincaid                   Cethin Davies

                             Babs Johnson,    Rona Mackie   Denys Wild


                                                        Clive and Caroline Roberson

                                                        Robin Humphries   Barbra Marshall

Robin Humphries    Barbra Marshall    Pam Farbrother

           David Rushton                       Judy Ross                         Ken Baber

                              Ken Baber   Elizabeth Baber   Caroline Roberson

 Below we have some of the photos which may or may not have been in
 Guy Knights great collection.   Pics were taken by David Kincaid



                    Bruce Dunlop                                             Psyk Leon

            Caroline Morgan                           Kim Kincaid                        Tertia Graves 

Caroline Morgan                                                 DK   (Two)                                  Sally Fleming

                Adele Leetham                                           Jacqueline Patel 

Isobel Davies


Tom Poole

Kim Kincaid

Sally Fleming                                                            Jill Robinson   

Marcia Ross,  David Somerville,  Barbra Marshall

Michael Ross

Rona Mackie and Denys Wyld

                                                                 Kim Kincaid

Wendy Knight  and  Tom Poole

Harold (Ian 's Carer)        Ian Leetham

Mike Courtney    and Jill Robinson


DK (Three)

Nicky Kenning           Nick Knight

             Bruce Dunlop                                Cate Knight


Jo Daly (nee Knight)                             Guy Knight

Cethin Davies

Lalli Crow

 Rona Mackie


David Rushton       and Peter Baxter