2011 Official Photographs

April 26 2011
These are the photos taken by David Kincaid at the lunch--Please click on the thumbnail
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Jill Robinson and Kim Kincaid

Richard Brown

Cethin Davies

Marcia Ross

Michael Ross

David Somerville

Jacqueline Lane

Jacqueline Patel

Adele Fletcher

Alan Lane

Lois Charlier

Bill Charlier

Keith Taylor

Caroline and Clive Roberson

Judy Maconochie, Caroline Roberson

Judy Graystone

Mike Graystone

Shareen Courtney

Georgette Gordon-Ham

Tom Poole

Dacre Mogg

Janet Mogg

Ian Ross and Jennifer Bayley

Ian Ross and Jennifer Bayley

Guy Knight

Kathy Courtney

Clare Soltysiak

Clare Soltysiak and Mike Courtney

Angela Paterson

Elizabeth Baber

Ken Baber

Kim Hembry and Wendy Knight

Ros Carswell

Les Carswell

Gerry Hutchison

Angela Paterson

Sue and Johnny Paisley

Maxine Humphries

Judy Ross

Kathy Courtney

DK Patricia Todd

David Kincaid

Shelley Clarke and David Rushton

Shelley Clarke

Sally Fleming

Tertia Graves

Judy Maconochie, Digby Hembry, Kim Hembry

Dacre Mogg and Robert Scallon

Robert Scallon and Patricial White

Holly Scallon

Georgette Gordon-Ham

John Jinks

David and Kim Kincaid