December 18 2012

  For those of the Koi Hai community 

               The Second Stratford Lunch -- 2013

I am delighted to tell you that Denys Shortt our great supporter of the Koi Hai community has arranged for a Stratford lunch in 2013, and an optional attendance at the Royal Shakespeare theatre where Hamlet is the show being performed on that night. The date is Thursday August 15th

The lunch will be at the Arden hotel (same as last year) at a cost of £27.50 and the theatre cost in the Stalls is £39

Denys has arranged for a special B & B rate per couple at the hotel for those who wish to stay the night. That cost is £100   If you wish to stay the night please contact the hotel directly quoting the DCS special rate.  E-mail address is

Denys has offered to provide a DCS shampoo factory tour in the afternoon for those keen to see it.

Please let me know if you wish to attend and choose any or all on offer 
           Lunch,  Factory Tour,   Attend Theatre

Those of you who wish to see the Hamlet performance will have to pay for the tickets  before January 14th 2013 as tickets are scarce.

(see RSH website)

Please contact  editorkoihai@aol.com  if you wish to attend