August 11 2011 



August 10 2011

The venue for the lunch was the Arden Hotel which is close by the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford upon Avon.

An enjoyable lunch was enjoyed by 42 --unfortunately Judy and Michael Graystone fell ill the day before and regrettably could not attend. We wish them a total recovery.



Denys Shortt
Debbie Shortt
Venk Shenoi   
Anna Shenoi
Gerry Halnan
Jenni Hinton
John Hinton
Peter Bartlett
Merle Bartlett
David Air
Cynthia Air
Dacre Mogg
Janet Mogg
Clive Roberson
Caroline Roberson
David Willoughby
Marysia Willoughby
Sandy Pearson
John Pearson
Caroline Pearson
David Kincaid
Kim Kincaid
Robin Humphries 
Maxine Humphries 
Nigel Shortt 
Mike Graystone
Judy Graystone
Malcolm Geary
Marie-Christine Geary
Betty Mackenzie
Barbara Mackenzie-Powell
Jim Robinson
John Gill
Ken Baber
Elizabeth Baber
David Perry
Debbie Perry
Stephen Farr
David Rushton       
Hilary Taggart
Larry Brown
Derek Perry          
Digby Hembry
Kim Hembry

Several old friends advised that they could not attend but wished everyone an enjoyable day-- they were Rod and Jan Brown, Peter Rex, Leslie McGregor, Holly Scallon,  Pam Hutchison, Shellie Clarke, Annie Heritage, Peter Pett, Terry Moon  and Martin Van Oppen.

We were privileged to have two old Koi Hai's from Australia Larry Brown and Derek Perry attend.


In the evening 24 attended the Royal Shakespeare Theatre production of   "A Midsummers Nights Dream" in the modern style   

May 10 2011


We have to thank  Denys Shortt and Diana Owen who came up with the idea to hold a Stratford Planters Lunch.

The plans are now made and the date is August 10th 2011 at 11.30am.

The venue for lunch will be the Arden Hotel which is adjacent to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford Upon Avon. 

The cost of the lunch will be £ 27.50 per person which will include wine.

The after lunch programme consists of a fascinating tour of the £110m redevelopment of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. (You would get to see back stage etc. Participation is totally voluntary.)

In the evening the play is Midsummer Nights Dream and tickets would be would be £36 . We  reserved 20 tickets and they have already been booked but Denys has booked another 20 on a first come first served basis

Again thanks to Denys you can have a double bed room with breakfast in the five star The Arden hotel for just £100 (this hotel is adjacent to the theatre with plenty of parking).

We are trying to find out how many folks would like to enjoy this experience or a part of it.

Please indicate your interest by e-mailing editorkoihai@aol.com  with the answers to the questions quoted below A.S.A.P.


Lunch only

Backstage Tour

Evening Show of Midsummer Nights Dream

Overnight at Arden Hotel


David Air                and                 David Kincaid