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Soccer 1964 and 1965

There are two stories on this page relating to Soccer matches played India versus Scotland
The top photograph from 1965 shows both teams but no score and the bottom presentation is from 1964 but only half the players are shown only the Indian team

If anyone has a photo of the Scots the Editor would be pleased to show it

Also if anyone has the result from either year, it would also be told on this page--enjoy the memory

 February 4 2011 

We have to thank Peter Bartlett for being the co-ordinator in getting this 1965 story all together

Below is the photograph of both teams who played in a match
Indian Planters V Scottish Planters  at the Moran Polo Club
on June 26 1965

 Hardev Singh kindly supplied the photo.

Peter tells the Editor that:
. Besides what you see here, there has been correspondence with Dave Lamont in Australia, Ailsa Anderson in Aberdeenshire and David and Josie Kilgour, all of whom have added to our knowledge.  Chief main contributors have been Hardev Singh himself up there in Assam, Sheik Sheikhawat in India and Ralph Kynoch in Braemar. A collaborative effort if ever there was one!

The only outstanding fact is who won ????

Peter says: Who cares and I agree-we have all had fun reminiscing


 here are the teams  

STANDING(L to R):  Hardev Singh,  Ralph Kynoch,  B.C.(Pony) Ponappa,  R.R.(Roby) Robinson,  Dennis Ram,  Alec Hay, 
Daljit(Tony) Singh,  John Riddoch,  Julian Francis,  Peter Barlett.

SITTING(L to R): Charlie Anderson,  Gordon Wedderburn,
Herman Muller,  Clem Brown,  S.N.(Bruno) Banerji,
S.S. Sheikhawat,  John Munro,  Gurung(can't remember his first name),  Ian Davidson.

FRONT  GOALIES: Nar Bahadur Singh(Nar Singh), Colin Coots.

February 8 2011


Thanks to ALI ZAMAN here is a picture of the 1964 Indian Soccer team
-there is no evidence of the Scotland team or the score !!! Can anyone help ??

Click Here to see it using Adobe Acrobat - this allows you to zoom in