Fabruary 21 2011

Here we have the Dooars Rugby team of 1963 playing in Calcutta

We asked for help in identifying the players and we are most grateful to
Doug Armstrong for supplying the names with only one name missing

Back Row left to right:

Chris Doutre,  Simon Palmer,  Simon Boss,  Ian Irvine,  Bob Phillp,  Simon Wood,
Bob Smith,  Ron Weir

Front Row left to right:

Saiyed Khalid,  Doug Armstrong,  Clive Roberson,  unknown,  Sandy Pearson

Doug also said :
You will note that there are only 13 in the pic when there should be 15. Two missing
are I think Clive Peacock (recently famous for Calcutta - Kalimpong bike ride) and
Andrew Flint. The "unknown" is not a Dooars planter but as I recall was a tea engineer
on leave from East Pakistan who we shanghaied into the team as we arrived a man
short. Perhaps "el presidente" Clive Roberson might have some recall. I was very
new to tea at that time having just joined Duncans in May 1963.