Assam - Mariani

January 30 2009
and here we have a lovely photo of Shona and her husband Vinoo

18 June 2008

Here is a lady,  Shona Patel living in Arizona USA who has taken up the challenge of writing
down history before it is all forgotten.  Please help if you can,  her e-mail address
It is a story with great possibilities and the
Editor is privileged to help

Mariani Planters Club
Proposed Documentary Film for PBS "Independent Lens"

About the project:
Mariani Planters Club (working title) is proposed
as a one-hour documentary for the American PBS series "IndependentLens" and slated for submission in September 2009. Right now I am atthe very bottom rung of the research ladder and I need all the help Ican get. I am looking for collaborators, feedback, stories, photographs and documentation - anything of interest connected with the club.  So please HELP, as I can't do this alone! 
   All participants will get credit and be gratefully acknowledged in the film. Here is what I need:


Archival Material:
Old photographs/documents. The history of the Mariani Club. How it began. Founding members, early days.

Research material on Assam, tea growing and plantation life in the 50's, 60's and 70's.

Personal Memories of Mariani Club:
Do you have a memory of old club days?
Do you have an interesting story to tell about an incident or a colorful character?
Do you remember the famous themed Christmas parties?
You may also get interviewed to tell the story in person.

Who am I ?
My name is Shona Patel (nee Nag) I live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. My father was Paresh Nag of Duklingia Tea Estate (1958-1973). My
mothers name was Leela Nag. Both my parents have now passed on. I have one sister Mithoo (now Wadia) who lives in Bangalore. 
I have been in advertising and filmmaking for a long time but this is my first full-length documentary project

This project was the originally the brainchild of Sanjay Batra, ex-Hunwal T.E and president of The Mariani Planters Club. I got to know about it when he was researching material for a booklet. I
contacted him only to learn he had been transferred and the project shelved. I was deeply disappointed. The Mariani Planters Club is a big
part of my childhood and brings back so many memories. So after some soul-searching, I have taken upon myself to be the keeper of the flame
and make a documentary film on the subject.

Please send all ideas, questions and feedback to me at
All photographs/documents will be handled with care - scanned and returned to you. 
Please write to me - I would love to hear from you!


Shona Patel (nee Nag)
Phoenix Arizona, USA

PS The Editor of the is giving as much help as possible by contacting many old British Planters from N.E.India in an effort to make Shona's project a great success