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FEBRUARY 15 2015


 Malcolm Geary had been browsing through the koi-Hai web site and spotted Assma soccer
and recalled that he had a couple
of newspaper cuttings from the DIGBOI BATORI around 1961. 
The chaps I recognise are John Vauqulin, Dave Kennedy, Mo Wheatcroft, Peter Bartlett,
yours truly.  Glad to report England won - even after a Gurkha piper marched
round the pitch at half time to inspire the Scots.  --thank you Malcolm

Here are the photographs of the International between Scotland and England
played about 1961

We are looking for names, and if anyone can help, the Editor would be delighted

The Kick Off

This lady who made the kick off was
Mrs W.P.G. Maclachlan the wife of the Digboi Boss




The Scottish Team

Back Row L to R)  1,  2,  3,  Mrs Maclachlan,   5,  6

Front Row (L to R)  1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  Bob Muir 6



The English Team

Back Row (L to R)  1John Vauqulin,  2 Malcolm Geary,  3Roby Robinson,  Mrs Maclachlan,  5 Mo Wheatcroft,   6,  7

Front Row (L to R)  1,  2,  3,  4,  5




July 2002
All India Rugby Tournament Winners 1959

The Assam Team


Back row;  Dennis Sharp,  Colin Bell,  Mike Sparks,  Dick Hagan, Martin Van Oppen,   John Thyne,  Ken Home,  Cethin Davies,  Ian Ross,   Duncan Hay

Second row; Neil Coombes, Not Known, Dinger Bell, Peter Vauqulin, Jock Lees, Jack Vauqulin, Jimmie Bain

Front row; Loudon Barras, Jock Richardson Hay, Mike Dawkins, Peter Warren, 


The photograph  was sent in by Neil Coombes, 
you Neil, 

There are now only two unknowns , thanks to help from various  attenders at the Eastbourne lunch and Jim Thomas whom I met later If anyone else can help to complete the names it would be appreciated
The missing names are second from left on the front row 
and the middle row

   The team will remember the raucous dinner we all enjoyed at
the TollyGunge Golf Club when chops
were thrown.  

If anyone can help to identify the "Not Knowns" please  send by 

e-mail either to Neil Coombes

 [email protected] 

or to [email protected]


It was a long time ago we know, but one of the objectives of the koi hai website is to extend memory lane, so if anyone has comments on the famous Assam win, we'd love to hear them 

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September 10 2008

More Rugby bits of memorabilia to enjoy

Identities will be forthcoming

Number Two

Number Three

Number Four
Number Five

Number Six

Number Seven

Number Eight

Number Nine


Number Ten

Number Eleven

Number Twelve

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August 15 2008
Thanks to David Rushton, Peter Bartlett,  Terry O'Malley and John Thyne
the photographs of Rugby Tours of the 60's have been unearthed.

 They are  of the Madras 1963 rugby tour and Ceylon 1964 Tour  

The All India Rugby Tournament Madras 1963

Ceylon 1964

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It has been kindly  supplied by Ranga Bedi


Composed by Rugby Players in Dooars around 1950

I was walking the streets with a nonchalant air,
My trousers were tattered, my bottom was bare,
I looked up and saw an advert for tea,
And I said to myself "that's the job just for me"!.

Kai se hai etc - there's no blooming future for him, you or I.

I packed up my bags and to London did go,
The Directors they quizzed me as to what I did know,
I said I knew nothing, they said that's just grand,
There are plenty like you in that far distant land.

Kai se hai etc - there's no blooming future for him, you or I.

They booked me a passage, I took to the sea,
How proudly I boasted I was going to tea,
But sadly my boast was reduced to a mutter.
When I ended up in that hole called Calcutta.

Kai se hai etc - there's no blooming future for him, you or I.

The agency house gave me all of their best
I took it all in and was highly impressed
They sent me off on that long winding trail
The plane took two hours but they sent me by rail.

Kai se hai etc - there's no blooming future for him, you or I.

I ended up after three days and three nights,
When I got there looked around at the sights,
What I saw then filled my heart with dismay,
But I couldn't turn back cos the train pulled away.

Kai se hai etc - there's no blooming future for him, you or I.

They gave me a bungalow and four weeks back pay,
The place was all barren and in a state of decay,
"That's nothing" my manager he said to me,
"No punkas, no fridges when I came to tea".

Kai se hai etc - there's no blooming future for him, you or I.

They put me out planting next morning at five,
Awaiting the labour and plants to arrive,
The babu came up and showed me what to do,
But I Just f__d about like I already knew.

Kai se hai etc - there's no blooming future for him, you or I.

After six months they put me in the factory,
The machinery there was completely refractory,
The rain came through the roof and made holes in the floor,
And the driers were all made in 1904.

Kai se hai etc - there's no blooming future for him, you or I.

Around the clock the factory did run
Working hours they said were fun
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners were my respite
I could take a nap but not at night.

Kai se hai etc - there's no blooming future for him, you or I.

With a growling Burra Sahib here, a Burra Babu there
and Karani Babu who would only swear
The Chota Sahib was in the land of no-where
in the land of no-where.

Kai se hai etc - there's no blooming future for him, you or I. 

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November 27 2008

This was kindly forwarded by Ali Zaman from a Newspaper cutting
from the Assam Tribune

Foreign coaches for State rugby team

 GUWAHATI, Nov 26 - World-class coach from Rugby superpowers New Zealand and Fizi are being roped in by the Assam Rugby Association (ARA) to facilitate the campaign of ensuring berth for the local players in the Indian squad for the ensuing Common Wealth Games to be played at New Delhi besides preparing the State team for national championship scheduled to be played in Guwahati from January 15.

The coaches will come under the banner of Indian Rugby Federation, which is giving special attention to the North East India as far as preparing the national squad for the 2010 Common Wealth Games is concerned. This was informed by Kula Saikia, president, ARA, while talking to The Assam Tribune during the ongoing training camp being organized at the SAI Field.

The training camp, which started on November 20, is being organized after selecting as many as 20 State Rugby team prospects from various parts of the State including places like Barama, Tengaghat, Baksa, Titabor and Karbi Anglong amongst others. The camp has been organized in view of the ensuing National Rugby Championship, which begins on January 15 at Guwahati. The 10-day training camp is also likely to be extended.

"Since Rugby is a game of skill, strategy and speed, we believe, the new entrants would be hugely benefited by the camp," Saikia said. "We are also hopeful that boys from Assam would make the cut for the national squad if they continue with the hard work," Saikia pointed out, adding, "The Association is planning to introduce demonstration games for Rugby in schools and colleges across the State to generate interest for the game."

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