Memories - Patricia Wilson


  November 20 2011 

Helen Fraquet a good friend of Patricia has given us this memory of Patricia  and the photos below to help old friends remember Patricia 

Patricia Ann Wilson 1952-2002

Notice of the death of Frank Wilson in Delhi in 2010, has actioned Helen Fraquet, a friend of his late daughter Patricia, to give us the following photographs taken in Assam in 1977.

Patricia was raised in Dibrugah at Maijan, and later returned to Assam as the wife of Brian Peters to live on Dhoedaam TE. These photographs are taken at this time.  

Although later Patricia spent many years working in London, she loved Assam with passion, and remained deeply touched by all the people she knew back in what she always called her real home.

Some 20 years after these photographs were taken Patricia  married again, in Jordan to Kamal al Kalalweh, and latterly life for both father Frank and Patricia became more complex.

Patricia, with her stunning red hair - (they said at Maijan that her mother Daphne had obviously eaten far too many chilies when she was pregnant) -  never grew old, she died of cancer having just reached 50, working until the end at BP, always immaculately dressed, with a wonderful waistline and the highest of high heels.

Photos below tell her story










Lili Das and family, my initial hosts in Calcutta

Dhoedaam TE, Jayanta, Brian and Bal

Patricia in her orchid laden garden

Pay-day Market at the TE

Tinsukai Temple

Arke and Reka's house on the visit to Sibsaqar Temples

Dev and Vina's house on the Sibsaqar Lake Temples Strip

Patricia's friend Nasma with her twins

The Gang

Brita, Patricia and Nasma

Maijan Dibrugarh where Patricia grew up,

Dhoedaam, the two on the left pushed and pulled the lawnmower daily

Here we bought the curry, providing our own bowl and tea-cloth cover

Patricia's Ayah Dillys, and her neighbours

Logging elephants on the way to Margarita in the Burmese foothills

Eric Singhs house at Margarita

Dillys' toddler showing how she was freshly scrubbed

Patricia (known in England always as GingerPat), with her Ayah Dillys