Koliabor Memories

April 13 2011

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August 13 2010

The old Burra Bungalow at Koliabor was purchased by Joel Rapi from Stockholm
and his local partner Prasanta Borgohain with the intention of turning it into a
tourist hotel. 
Prasanta was the person who "discovered" the bungalow in 2006
by which time it had been standing empty for 14 years. The Site is ideal and sits
on a small hill overlooking the Brahmaputra and is in close proximity to the
Kazarunga Reserve.

Joel asked the web site if we could help find the old Managers of Koliabor and
we did with much input from Joel himself

From the investigations we found the last manager David  Eyton -Jones living in
West Sussex in England and the family of the previous manager living in Edinburgh
Scotland. James Lornie was manager from the 20's until his unfortunate death in 1940

The history of the two families are on the next page


This is the Koliabor Bungalow today 2010 in the evening and it is named
                        KOLIABOR MANOR HOUSE RESORT

Here is the latest leaflet for the Koliabur-Manor Resort

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