Cowdray Park 2009


July 25 2009
This year 2009 with Smudge having left us  on May 7th The group met to help celebrate his life
Here as a starter a few photographs with more text and photos to come

This is a photograph of John Smith looking remarkably fit at 94 years of age. John is the older brother of Smudge giving a speech about Smudge. Standing near him is his wife Victoria.
The content of the speech is shown below followed by some pictures of those attending


 Anita  Batten,     Maggie McCune, Pat Allen,  Clive & Caroline Roberson.   John & Anne Thyne, Malcolm Geary, Phil  & Jennifer Bayley,  Colin  & Pam Bell ,  Peter & Christine Wilson,  Roy Church,  Sam  Mackenzie,   Neil & Enid Coombes, Peter & Merle Bartlett, Tony  Roberts,   Pam Farbrother,   Ann  Gardiner, Nigel Jeffares & son  Richard, 
Smudge's brother John  & wife Victoria   
Smudge's stepdaughter Miranda  &   husband Peter, Miranda's brother Simon, & Smudge's niece Heather,   Annie  Neville,  & Jessica,  Birthday House  Manager

A total of 33 attended the 2009 Shindig
        to celebrate Smudge's life
Some of the Attendees

John Smith, Phil Bayley, Jennifer Bayley, Sam Mackenzie, Neil Coombes, Enid Coombes, Pam Bell, Colin Bell

Neil Coombes, Enid Coombes, Pam Bell, Colin Bell,  & Maggie McCune, Sam Mackenzie 

Pat Allen, Miranda Stephenson, John Smith, Victoria Smith

Clive Roberson, Heather Archer, Peter Bartlett

Maggie McCune, Christine Wilson, Ann Gardiner, Roy Church

John Thyne, Caroline Roberson, Anne Thyne

Malcolm Geary, Peter Bartlett

Sam MacKenzie, Maggie McCune, Tony Roberts

Enid Coombes, Pam Bell, Christine Wilson, Colin Bell, Neil Coombes

Pam Farbrother

Sam Mackenzie, Maggie McCune, Tony Roberts

Merle & Peter Bartlett, Miranda Stephenson

Merle Bartlett, Anita Batten, Miranda Stephenson