Arunchal Pradesh

 April 30 2012

We are indebted to Dr Doke for sending us the information on the
recent findings of 3 WW-11 crashed US aircraft--70 years have passed

 The following is taken from The Arunachal Times Publications Pvt. Ltd.,

Siang House, Sector - E, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh - 791111, India

3 more WW-II plane wreckages found

M Doley

ITANAGAR, Mar 1: Wreckages of planes used during World War- II (WW-II) continued to be discovered in Arunachal Pradesh -- the so called ‘Bermuda Triangle' of North East. Over the last few years, three more such wreckages were found in dense forests of Changlang district.

According to M Yobin (Lisu), a resident of  Gandhigram village in Changlang district, the wreckages were found in remote mountain jungles of Changlang which can be reached after 11 to 12 days trekking from Miao town. The wrecked planes are believed to be the remains of US aircrafts used during WW-II.

"A metal plate with words "Signal Core, US Army" inscribed on it and some human bone parts are still there to be seen," Yobin told this reporter over telephone this afternoon. He said that most of the metal parts were taken away by villagers.

Earlier, wreckages of MIA (several missing-in-action) US fighter planes were recovered from various parts of Arunachal, including one on a hilltop right in the heart of the state capital, Sagalee, Anini, Donli, Aalo, Tezu, Damroh and Chayang Tajo.

A search operation was also conducted by a US defence team in different places few years ago with the help of Indian Air Force for detection of more plane wreckages.

The allies had lost hundreds of aircrafts in Arunachal Pradesh during World War II while maintaining supply line to allied forces fighting against the Japanese mainly due to inhospitable terrain, unpredictable weather and mechanical failure.