McLeod Russel

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Company Profile

 We are proud to uphold the centuries-old heritage of tea in India and the world. Our widespread plantations, meticulous processes, art and science of blending, sustainable environmental practices and community initiatives have enabled us to strengthen our leadership in the global tea industry.

 We are a Public Limited Company listed on several stock exchanges in India.

McLeod Russel began planting tea in India in 1869 and today is the largest tea producing Company in the world.

We manage forty-eight tea estates in the Assam Valley and five in the Dooars region of West Bengal, three factories in Vietnam, six estates in Uganda and the management control of the world renowned Gisovu estate in Rwanda signify our international presence.

Every year our estates produce in excess of 100 million kilograms of black tea, which is marketed worldwide under the registered trademark as shown.