Adam Hare



The Editor received this from a proud son telling us of his father's 99th birthday


                   Adam Hare 99th Birthday -

Manager Deanston Tea Estate (Consolidated Tea and Lands)


Dear Editor

As a son of a long retired tea planter, I browse your site from time to time. Very interesting and brings back memories of my visits to what was then East Pakistan in the late 1950s and 1960s.

My father is Adam Hare who, on his retirement, was the senior manager at Deanston Tea Estate (Part of the Consolidated Tea and Lands company, a subsidiary of James Finlay) in the Sylhet district, East Pakistan (now Bangladesh, of course).

I thought I would send you an email as I am about to phone my father to wish him hearty congratulations and my love on his 99th birthday today! What a milestone! Former employees and friends who may read your site will be happy to know that Adam is pretty fit, healthy, and is mentally very alert. I live in Australia but I phone him every week and we have long conversations about world affairs, the family, rugby union, and life in “tea”.

Adam no longer attends the Finlay reunions but would be delighted to receive any messages from former colleagues and friends.


John Hare

John's E-Mail is  [email protected]