Save the Rhino

Save the Rhino

March 31 2013

Since the showing of the Wall Street Journal

report from yesterday on  saving the Rhinos

from poaching

A correspondent has sent this story ---
It has been copied from the Tea & Coffee Journal in 2008. Very graphic on the
same subject and even calves are slaughtered and the  immature horn dug out
and regretfully it would appear that not much progress has been  made in
stamping out poaching.
We have permission from the Tea and Coffee Journal past Editor Ms Jane
McCabe to
show it

Click here to read the entire article.  It is in Adobe Acrobat format so will be
clearer and easier to read.




March 30 2013

An article about saving Rhino's against poaching and

selling the horns
 is from the

Wall Street Journal

published in USA