Kalline Tea Estate

Kalline Tractor

Kalline Tea Section

Kalline Tea Estate

Kalline Tea Section

Kalline Tea

Kalline Tea Factory engine room

Kalline Tea Estate cows

Kalline Clonal Beds

Kalline Burra Bungalow

Kalline Burra Bungalow drive

John Lane Henry Bannerman Bahardaji

John Lane handyman Strang Allen

John Lane checking rice winnowing

Kalline Tea Estate

Kalline TE consisted of four divisions – Konapara, Magenta, Sandura and Boalcherra.

The garden was situated right up against the foot of the North Cachar /Mikir Hills as will be noted from the two photos titled ‘Kalline Tea Section’.

As the garden was placed so near the jungle clad hills, there was always a good population of wildlife ranging from tigers, leopards, elephants, monkeys, gibbons, civet cats, slow lorises, barking deer, sambhur, and of course a profusion of birds.

I was going to put the tractor picture as a Grey Ferguson, but I noted that the nameplate over the radiator is not that.

I suspect that it may have been one imported in KD form from the East Bloc and assembled in India – one particular make was Zetor which was of Czechoslovakia origin.

The Kalline factory engine room shows a small Tangye nearest to the camera and a small Blackstone just beyond it – these were used to generate the electrical power for the factory.

The standby engine was a Crossley HD10, and the main engine was a Crossley 2HH11 (twin cylinder).