Soward Family Memories

September 3 2012

We are indebted to Rosemary Kemp, daughter of the late John and Pat Soward.
for forwarding old photos of the Soward family's time in Assam, Our condolences
to Rosemary
for the recent loss of her mother. We apprfeciate her thinking of the
Koi-Hai web site and sending the old photos for readers to enjoy


     1   Group at meleng T E

Dad Soward

The Front of the Meleng Bungalow

Tea has been pruned on one side  and the Himalayas are in the background



6 North Bank


8 Joyhing Burra Bungalow

9 Joyhing Burra B'low garden

Joyhing T E

  11 Joyhing North Bank


         12  Joyhing Noth Bank

  13  Joyhing

  14  Joyhing

Below is a photgraph taken at Dr Arthur Chesshire's retirement

Sitting (L -R) Mr J.P. Soward,Mrs Bhargova, Mr H E Dodwell, Mrs Dodwell, Dr A Chesshire, Mrs Soward, Miss Claire Dodwell, Dr A K Daityari,
                   Miss Rosemary Soward, Mr S Bhargova

Standing (L - R) Sri Arjoon Tanti, Sri Nandu=a Ganju, Mrs T Ao, Miss N Das, Mrs T A Ao, Dr S C Dutta, Sri S Borgohain, Md A Rahman
                   Md B Hussain, Md F Ali

Sitting on Ground     Mona Tanti, Balkura Dusad, Nunu Nayan