Time for Tea at The Real Tea Cafe


August 16 2012


Time For Tea At The Real Tea Café -

Stratford-upon-Avon, England

It's time to make time for tea is the message behind

The Real Tea Café

which opened in Stratford-upon-Avon in 2010.


The vibrant café - the first of hopefully many planned for the UK - aims to revive the great British tradition of tea drinking. That may sound unnecessary, given that the UK drinks a whopping 165million cups of tea a day, but the truth is that not enough of these millions of cups of tea is made of real leaf tea. A bag of tea dunked in a mug is what passes for a cuppa these days. What's happened to the ritual, the sense of occasion, the pure pleasure of drinking real tea? It's these qualities that The Real Tea Café is bringing back.

The Real Tea Café is a contemporary tea experience for people who love tea and respect tea and simply long to stumble upon a decent cup of the stuff while they are out and about. The antithesis of the old-fashioned tearoom - all dusty knick-knacks and lace tablecloths - The Real Tea Café is relaxing, cheerful, fashionable and fresh. Its modern image, vivid colours, rich fabrics and comfortable leather seating areas (just perfect for lingering) lift the mood and lend a sense of occasion without ever being stuffy or intimidating.

The inspiration for The Real Tea Café came to founder Anthony Kinch when he was trying to kick the coffee habit. Choosing tea over coffee in the major coffee chains, he soon discovered that the tea served was no better than he could make at home. The environment was fun and relaxing but the tea was seriously wanting. Resolving to do something about it, he took a tea master class to learn as much as he could about tea.

Anthony's goal was not only to sell proper tea but to take a new generation of tea drinkers on a journey of real tea discovery.

Anthony firmly believes;

"For a true real tea experience, it is a state of mind

and most importantly - a lifestyle."

Anthony comments: "The rise of the coffee shop saw tea become the poor cousin but fine quality leaf tea has recently seen a surge in interest and is becoming incredibly fashionable. Just as we saw in the improvements in the world of coffee, the current view of tea as a mass produced, over blended, overpriced product is being challenged by many. 

The Real Tea Cafe is at the forefront of this challenge. We know we have a challenge to change people's mind set about tea, but remember, it wasn't so long ago that we all drank instant coffee! We hope to do for tea what trendy coffee bars have done for coffee. We believe everyone should experience Real Tea."

When it comes to serving up an award winning tea, the Real Tea Cafe won't disappoint. The Real Tea Cafe picked up a coveted Three Star Gold accolade for its Rooibos Rhubarb, the top award issued at the recent ‘Great Taste Awards' and one of only 114 products to pick up this award.

The ‘Great Taste Awards', the Guild of Fine Food's nationwide contest attracting over 7000 entries each year, recognises outstanding speciality food and drink products and is considered the ‘Oscars' to food producers, retailers and distributors of distinction. "To win an award of this stature is an incredible achievement, it doesn't get any better than this" comments Anthony. "We put our heart and soul into sourcing the very best ingredients for the food and beverages we serve - to have our efforts recognised in this way is simply amazing!"

Despite being a relatively new edition to Stratford's cafe culture scene, the Real Tea Cafe is no stranger to winning ‘Great Taste Awards'. "in 2011 we also won an award for our ‘Pop Your Cherry' green tea and in 2010 we picked up 1 and 2 star awards for our Signature Blend; Earl Grey Superior; Moroccan Mint; Jin Zhu Mao Jian and our Temi Estate First Flush. We take great care in procuring our teas and coffee from what we consider to be the very best producers and suppliers around the globe.

User-friendly, colour-coded menus will list the teas according to their type. Among the black teas available are everything from the approachable and familiar such as our ‘Builders Brew' to our award winning ‘Signature Blend' and ‘Earl Grey Superior to the less familiar ‘Lapsang Osprey'. A sweet, spicy and little bit cheeky ‘More Tea Vicar' and finally the daring Cheeky Chilli Choco blend is another two of Anthony's creations. Green teas will include Moroccan Mint, Gunpowder Pinhead, Yunnan, Gin-Zing & Pop Your Cherry; white teas will include the height of aromatic decadence a stunning Jasmine & Rose tea or how about Pomegranate & Buckthorn; and blue teas will include Monkey Picked and Formosa Oolong. And for the non-tea drinker's infusions are a plenty, Double Mint, Rooibos Rhubarb, Rooibos Chai, Red Berry Explosion and a Citrus and Spice blend. All teas will also come smartly packaged in stylish tins and bags so customers can customers can experience The Real Tea Café at home.

The Real Tea Café serves a handpicked selection of black, green, white and blue teas, all brewed from the finest whole leaves from the world's top estates. Also on offer will be infusions. All the teas will be available in regular sizes, to drink in or takeaway in the café's iconic branded cups.

Knowledgeable and passionate staff share their enthusiasm for tea, guiding customers towards speciality tea that they might not previously have considered. There will be teas for every hour of the day, for every mood. The one-bag-fits-all has no place here.

This attention to detail is certainly paying off and putting the Real Tea Cafe on the map. BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire recently ran part of their afternoon show from the cafe illustrating to listeners how to make the ‘perfect brew', the health benefits associated with tea and the vast array of different varieties now available.

The Real Tea Café,
40a Wood Street,
Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 6JG